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Adult Ukulele Lessons

Although ukulele is easier than guitar to progress on, it has its own set of unique challenges. A short course of ukulele lessons can make sure your technique is correct and that you don't pick up any bad habits (e.g. correct hand and thumb position.)

Ukulele lessons are structured around the songs or types of music you are interested in. Techniques and skills that are covered include: open chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, muting, barre chords, scales, listening, reading chord charts, notation reading (only if you are interested in this), TAB reading, and improvisation.

Children's Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele is also a wonderful first instrument for younger students. It is easier on the hands and fingers so your child will be playing chords and having fun in no time. The techniques learnt on the ukulele can also later be used when learning guitar.

I always include transferable skills such as reading notation, listening  and learning different rhythms in ukulele lessons for children, which can be used on different instruments and in other musical environments.





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