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Please feel free to use and share these resources which I use to teach my students. If you have found this resource useful, please recommend it to a friend.

Files are saved in PDF format, so can be opened and printed.

1) Modes - starting on E string (Guitar)

2) Modes - starting on A string (Guitar)

3) Arpeggio's - starting on G string (Guitar)

4) Arpeggio's - starting on D string (Guitar)

5) Arpeggio's - starting on E and A string (Guitar)

6) Minor Pentatonic scale - The 5 Shapes (Guitar)

7) Chord Scale Relationships

8) Major Scale Harmony - overview

9) Major Scale - Exercise Sheet 1 (Guitar)

10) Arpeggio's (two octave) - starting on E string (Guitar)

11) Major Scale Exercise Sheet 1 (Bass)

12) Arpeggio's- Bass Level 1

13) Ukulele Open Position Scales (Level 1)

14) Guitar Open Scales (Level 1)

15) Common Strumming Patterns 1

16) Common Strumming Patterns 2

17) I Wonder by Sixto Rodriguez (Bass - rough guide)

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