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Guitar lessons are planned to follow the below structure as my aim is for you to develop all the aspects of your guitar playing and musicianship. If you are a more experienced or looking to work on a specific aspect of your playing then lessons will be tailored to suit your requirements.

1) Technique: scales, dexterity exercises, chords/voicings, strumming, finger picking, etc.

2) Listening Skills: playing back strumming patterns and working out chords and riffs.

3) Improvisation: practical use of the scales, learning some riffs and developing your own.

4) Practical Skills: most of the lesson is spent on this section. This will involve playing songs from either tab, chord charts or memory/listening. We'll also look at specific styles like blues or rock or work on your own songs.

*Theory Skills are learnt when learning scales, chords and songs. For example: how to work out your own chords, what chord or scale fits where?

Not everything is covered in every guitar lesson. For instance Improvisation will only start a few weeks after learning some scales and Listening Skills be only be covered while working on Practical playing skills.

Handouts are given when learning new scales, chords, exercises and songs.





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