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John graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Popular Music (1st Class Honours).

As a performer he has over 20 years of gigging experience and has played at Glastonbury Festival (West Holts Stage), the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican and Reading and Leeds festivals. He currently plays guitar, bass, double bass and ukulele in a number of bands that cover a variety of genres and has had his music featured on BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music and Radio X (Xfm) over the past few years.

John recently taught music at the JayNii Streetwise Foundation in Accra, Ghana and currently volunteers for Heart n Soul, an award-winning creative arts company and charity based at the Albany Theatre in Deptford.


"John has been teaching my son the ukulele for almost 4 years. More recently he has made a very smooth transition into also playing the guitar. My priority for music lessons for my son, now 11, was that he enjoyed it and enjoyed being with his teacher. John has very much met both criteria and it is a credit to his connection with my son that he is always enthusiastic about going to his lessons and is diligent about his practice! We didn’t focus on exams or targets to begin with but recently this is something my son wanted to do. With John’s guidance and reassuring, well-balanced preparation he has faced his exams with equanimity and grace and has excelled at both Grade 1 and 2. He continues to work towards his grade 3. Highly professional, excellent communication, greatly recommended."

Amanda (mum to Jake), Sydenham

"John is the most professional, reliable, and patient bass teacher I have had. He is not only teaching me bass guitar, but is providing me with an understanding of music itself. I am very fortunate to have John share his vast knowledge of music. He is a fine teacher and a wonderful person. From the very beginning John recognized my fundamental weakness and we work on it in a variety of ways each lesson. John's vast music knowledge from his experiences has been helpful for me and should be helpful for you as well. I highly recommend John, and I look forward to my next lesson."

Anita (adult bass student), Honor Oak Park

"I would highly recommend John, who has taught my ten-year-old son guitar for the last year. He selects contemporary music that interests and challenges my son and makes learning an instrument fun, which is exactly what it should be. My son has just passed Grade 1 and is keen to progress further - I never have to nag him to practice which is probably the ultimate testament to John's skills!"

Jessica (mum to Harry), Forest HIll

"John is a brilliant teacher.He has been teaching guitar my 10 years old boy for almost 3 years now and we are very happy and pleased with him. My son really enjoys his lessons and progressed really well. John is very helpful, professional and friendly. Highly recommend."

Biljana (mum to Gabriel), Honor Oak Park

"I spent the best part of a year having guitar lessons with John from London Music Tutors and I would thoroughly recommend beginning, continuing or developing your practical and theoretical music skills with them. John’s approach to teaching was professional and focused but I also particularly enjoyed that my lessons could be fun and relaxing, as well as intensely productive. I started with London Music Tutors as a relative beginner and now have much more confidence and ability in my playing styles, my theoretical knowledge, my singing, and my sound recording skills. Thanks!"

Sian (adult guitar student), Honor Oak Park

"I have been going to John for over a year and I love every minute of it. I started as a complete novice bassist and John guided me through each step - I would definitely recommend!"

Dean (adult beginner bass guitar student), Forest Hill

"From a complete beginner, I have been practising acoustic guitar with John for well over a year and have made vast improvements and am able to play the type of music I want to. I would highly recommend."

David (adult guitar beginner student), Honor Oak Park

“Taking guitar lessons with John is one of the best decisions I ever made. I had already had several failed attempts to learn guitar, but after my first lesson with John I was able to play a song which I enjoyed. The songs I have learned to play are all songs I love from some of my favourite artists, some of which John has chosen specifically to teach me new techniques. It is now 18 months on and I can play a good selection of songs on both acoustic and electric guitar and my lessons with John have given me the confidence to play in front of other people. I really enjoy my lessons and I love being able to play the guitar. In my opinion, he is a really good guitar teacher and I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for lessons in Honor Oak Park, South East London.”

Emma, adult guitar student, Honor Oak Park

"John has been teaching music to my 5 year old son for only a few months and Sam can already play a few tunes on his own and read music sheets. I have been really impressed by how quickly he's been learning. John seems to have a special way to connect with children. At first Sam was shy and did not want to engage, but after a couple of lessons he was looking forward to meeting John and show him the progress he had made. Learning music has given Sam the chance to boost his confidence and develop a passion that - I hope - he will nurture for life."

Grazia (mum to ukulele student, Sam), Deptford

“When I decided to pick up the guitar again, I spoke to several teachers. John was the only one who didn’t have a rigidly defined lesson programme – his approach was to find out what music I liked and what I wanted to learn, and to tailor his lessons to me. He is patient, flexible and good fun to learn with. In 9 months, my playing and musicality have improved no end. He even worked out how to play an obscure 35-year old folk song so he could teach it to me – now that’s commitment.”

Jonathan Treadway, adult guitar student

"John loves to see new people and probably make them real guitarist when they're older. I found that learning the guitar with him was a lot cooler and more fun, and the songs that we played helped me progress, and now my fingers are really quick on the guitar. John also made it a lot more exciting so you can learn the songs better and faster. I think he's a really good teacher."

Kai - age 10

“After I moved to South London I was in need of guitar lessons and was lucky to stumble upon John. He’s very patient (which would be great for beginners) and is willing to mentor you whether you simply want him to explain a particular song of your choosing or take you deep into theory, which is all really useful and explained logically. Very personable and can cater to many different styles of playing. Definitely worth looking into if you live Brockley or nearby!”

Robert, adult guitar student, Brockley

"John's approach to teaching music is one if the most innovative ways I have seen. He managed to engage my son in learning the guitar, something I never thought I would ever see happen. The fundamental principles of learning the guitar was done in a fun way making learning music a pleasure for my son. I would recommend John to anybody as I feel he can teach even the most reluctant of learners."

Catherine Foxwell, mum to Samuel, age 10.

"I took ukulele lessons from John after getting stuck in a rut with my (fairly mediocre!) playing. He totally transformed the way I thought about playing, showing me tricks to add depth and character to songs, teaching me enough music theory to make sense of the instrument without making me want to bang my head against a wall, and taught me new techniques in a patient and easy to understand manner. As someone with limited innate musical ability, it was a real pleasure how much my playing improved, and how much more I enjoy the uke now. The fact that John personalised the lessons around music I enjoyed also enhanced the whole experience. I just wish I had an ounce of his talent!"

Katie, adult ukulele student, Brockley

"I waited pass 30 to pick up a guitar, having always wanted to learn to play the bass guitar. I bought one from a friend, but was not progressing much on my own. I looked for ages for a teacher I would feel comfortable with, and once I started taking lessons with John I was amazed at how quickly I improved. I have now moved away from the areas he covers, and I decided to continue the lessons on Skype instead of face to face. It is really working great, and I can feel the progress and confidence growing at each lesson!"

Ghis - Adult bass, ukulele and guitar student

"John is a really cool teacher and teaches me lots of songs that I really want to learn like Day Tripper by the Beatles. I also really like the star chart because when I finish it he gives me a prize like a new guitar pick. John has taught me chords and how to play smoke on the water behind my head! My lessons are always fun and I learn a lot. He's awesome!".

Edward, age 9, Chiswick


Teaching guitar at JayNii Streetwise Foundation, Ghana




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